Xunleilaixin: Multi-party collaboration and connection of data need to be realized through blockchain

According to financial industry news, on December 5th, the 4th International Forum on Smart Finance and the 2019 Annual Ceremony of "Leading China" in the financial industry were held in Beijing. At the meeting, Laixin, chief engineer of Thunder Chain, said that the nature of the blockchain is a distributed ledger, but it also has its innovations. First, it is decentralized on the basis of the original distributed. Decentralization means that the data of the entire system is consistent and cannot be tampered with. The second is the cryptography of the blockchain, which improves the security of the original distributed storage technology and makes it difficult to tamper with old data before it. Lai Xin pointed out that centralization is flexible but easy to control, and decentralization of the blockchain can achieve interoperability and enable data to be recorded in the ledger. The data itself is only temporary data and does not have the collaboration as evidence. If the data needs to be traced back as evidence in the future, it needs to be tamper-resistant. Or multi-party cooperation and connection of data need to be realized through the blockchain.