China Banknotes credit card company uses blockchain technology to list 2019 journalist IDs

According to the WeChat public account @Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Application Association, on November 25, 2019, the National Press and Publication Administration issued the "Notice on the Uniform Renewal of Journalist Cards in China in 2019" and decided to start from December 2, 2019. From March 31 to 2020, uniformly renewed press badges for national news units. The 2019 version of the press card is printed by Xizheng Printing Co., Ltd., which innovatively applies the technology of "China Banknote Chain Source", a blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform developed by China Banknotes Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd., with anti-copying variations The two-dimensional code forms a "one certificate, one code", and is associated with the information of the open-platform platform for registration of the blockchain of China Banknotes. Each QR code is associated with the identity of the journalist. Using a smart phone, the identity of the reporter can be verified by scanning the APP of the ChinaChainChain. The ID can be checked and identified.