Zhu Jiaming: Blockchain-based space-time cooperatives will become an option to end poverty

According to Zero One Financial News, on December 5, at the 2019 China Public Welfare Annual Conference, Zhu Jiaming, a famous economist and president of the Digital Asset Research Institute, stated that the gap between the rich and the poor and social inequity are the foundation of public welfare. Means include, but are not limited to, the transfer of wealth and the redistribution of wealth resources. The public through the exchange of time and space makes everyone a participant and contributor to public welfare undertakings. It is an innovative idea to realize the nationalization of public welfare. The development of this makes this idea a reality. He believes that the fragmentation of time resources is the greatest waste of humankind, so the space-time management of the public is the first problem to be solved. To complete space-time management requires science and technology. Space-time cooperatives based on blockchain technology can provide new models and solutions for space-time management and space-time combination. He also pointed out that the blockchain is naturally a spatio-temporal order. The blockchain is both a time code and a space code. In terms of providing space-time exchange between people, the blockchain is the only suitable carrier.