Li Lihui: There are 5 "credibility" in digital trust in the era of Internet of Everything

According to financial industry news, on December 5th, the 4th International Forum on Smart Finance and the 2019 Annual Ceremony of “Leading China” in the financial industry were held in Beijing. At the meeting, Li Lihui, the leader of the Blockchain Research Working Group of the National Internet Finance Association and the former President of the Bank of China, said that in the Internet era, institutions, people and things are linked together. Establish a digital trust system. The latter has three implementation methods. The first is to use blockchain technology, the second is to discover credit using big data mining, and the third is to use integrated or integrated big data, artificial intelligence, and districts. Blockchain technology. He also pointed out that the current digital trust is in the process of being established, and the scope of application is not particularly large, but based on its low-cost inclusiveness, the future has broad application prospects, and the establishment of digital trust in the future will likely achieve five Trustworthy, one is data trustworthiness, the second is trustworthiness of property rights, the third is trustworthiness of authorization, the fourth is trustworthiness of contract, and the fifth is trustworthiness of legal person.