PlusToken running funds about 100,000 EOS have been frequently transferred, some of which have flowed into the OKEx exchange

According to data from CoinHolmes, a digital asset visualization tracking platform owned by PeckShield, from 11:55 noon today, a change occurred in the key address of the PlusToken Road Asset (EOS part) locked by PeckShield, and eoswallet123 transferred 99,850 to jackflymooon through multiple transactions One EOS, at 17:47, jackflymooon began to transfer funds to the OkEx exchange. As of now, 102 EOS have been transferred to the OKEx exchange. Analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that the funds on eoswallet123 address came from PlusToken EOS main wallet address eospstotoken. PeckShield hereby reminds users to be cautious in investing to avoid the loss of digital assets. At the same time, it calls on major exchanges to mark their addresses and assist and freeze the inflow of dirty money in a timely manner.