Bitrefill CCO: Lightning Network unlocks a large part of the space of Bitcoin's circular economy, giving traders more freedom

According to AMBCrypto, Bitrefill Chief Commercial Officer John Carvalho said in a recent interview that Bitrefill has been helping Bitfinex deploy its own lightning network and provide liquidity on the back end. "In terms of technology, in order to achieve all this, we have decided to implement the world The first dynamic B2B solution based on Lightning Network, so that when we conduct transactions, neither party needs any outstanding balance. "When talking about the implementation of Lightning Network, Carvalho said that he believes this size solution "Unlocking" a large part of the space of Bitcoin's circular economy. He believes that traders in this field will have more freedom because their digital assets can be used for commercial purposes in the normal market environment. Regarding the situation where Lightning Network has stagnated for months, Carvalho said that he does not care about the current data of Lightning Network because it is a long-term venture capital investment. He also said that the lack of development of the Lightning Network has been slightly exaggerated by the industry, and that now is the best time for developers to work and realize new ideas.