One year longer than the original chain: keep the initial focus, focus on the asset chain, and become the most compliant public chain than the original chain.

Today, Babbitt, the founder of the original chain, said at the celebration of the first anniversary of the original mainline. It is still the most compliant public chain based on the original chain, and will still maintain the initial focus of the asset chain. Will go to more marginal applications such as games and gambling. The first anniversary of the main online line is only a small step. This year, the basic test of the main and side chain architecture will be carried out. Compared with the founder and CEO of the original chain, Duan Xinxing said that in the past year, the main chain has completed basic work and completed the work of the main online line, exchange, mining pool, wallet, security and basic structure. So that the original chain can be circulated as a cryptocurrency. In this year, the original chain hopes to develop the true nature of the blockchain, making the properties of the underlying chain as the blockchain platform, OS, and Dapp lower than the attributes of the cryptocurrency.