Ethereum decentralized exchange IDEX is restarting to use Istanbul to reduce gas fees

According to etherscan data, on Thursday, the Ethereum decentralized exchange IDEX released a new DEX on the basis of Rollup technology. Rollup technology is a layer 2 scalability protocol, only through Ethereum's latest "Istanbul "A hard fork is only possible. By reducing gas fees, rollup-based smart contracts have become a convenient scalability tool for IDEX and other companies. IDEX CTO Jason Ahmad said in a telephone interview that for Aurora Labs, the company behind IDEX, Istanbul means lower operating costs and more transaction processing. In fact, Ahmad expects EIP 2028 to reduce gas costs by up to 90% on the new platform. Thursday's move is the first full adjustment of IDEX since its launch in October 2017. Ahmad said that IDEX accounted for 3% of all gas fees paid to miners on the Ethereum network in 2018, totaling $ 4.3 million.