HSBC analysts: potential regulatory risk could cause Facebook's stock price to plummet by nearly 40%

HSBC senior analyst Nicolas Cote-Colisson said in a report to clients that Facebook has attracted negative attention from politicians and regulators in the US and globally. Both the US Federal Trade Commission and the European Union have announced an investigation into Facebook, which includes the tech giant's alleged social monopoly practices and concerns about its digital currency Libra. Despite regulatory risks, Facebook's stock price has risen more than 50% this year. However, HSBC said it is only a matter of time before its stock price faces privacy and antitrust regulation. In a sense, the speed of Facebook's expansion is becoming a risk factor of its own, as it may accelerate censorship and intervention. The company said that crackdowns by regulators, including fines and policy adjustments, could evaporate Facebook's market value by nearly 40%. Antitrust fines, privacy fines, taxes, M & A restrictions, and telecommunications regulations may also affect valuations.