Ethereum developers: Ethereum 2.0 mortgage contract is awaiting a report, Beacon chain testnet resource manager has started

Danny Ryan of the Ethereum 2.0 build team Prysmatic Labs said that the Ethereum 2.0 mortgage contract seems unlikely to be reached this month as it is now awaiting the release of a report. "Operational verification will release a formal version, analysis and report within one month. Once released, the contract can be deployed," he said. In addition, Ryan said that all of this, including this report, should be completed within one month. If there are still problems to be solved by that time, it will take some time, it is estimated that the mortgage contract may be launched as early as the end of January or February. Prior to this, the mortgage contract had to go through a test network, and it is unclear when the Ethereum 2.0 multi-client test network will be launched. However, there is a resource manager already in use, but this is for the single-client Beacon chain test network specific to Prysmatic Labs. Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse has also recently launched its single-client public testnet, and its code is also under review.