"Blockchain First Share" Easy to see shares frequently questioned by the market

According to the Securities Daily News, A-shares, which is known as the "First Blockchain Share" of A shares, is one of the hot companies that have been scrambling for funds in recent years, with a minimum price of 7.37 yuan per share and a maximum price of 20.81 yuan in 2019. Calculated per share, the company's stock price in this year's range has reached a cumulative increase of 182.36%. It is worth mentioning that with the rapid growth of the business scale in recent years, the company's performance growth, number of employees, salary levels and operating conditions of subsidiaries have received attention from the public opinion and exchanges. Respond one by one. "Blockchain technology is one of the tools used in our business development." The relevant person in charge of EasyShare said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter that the company's development strategy is to build trusted transactions with the Internet of Things + blockchain technology Assets, become managers and service providers of the underlying assets of the supply chain finance. The application of blockchain technology may have three major development directions in the future, and the company will continue to pay attention to this.