China UAE blockchain cooperation highlights

According to the Securities Times, from the Chinese investment incubation company's participation in the creation of a blockchain park in Dubai to the joint release of Hainan's Dubai blockchain strategic cooperation, China's UAE is building a new model of "Belt and Road" blockchain cooperation. According to Xinhua News Agency, on the 5th, it was informed from the Expo Bureau 2020 in Dubai that Shanghai Atlas Capital recently announced that it would build a more than 15,000 square meter blockchain park in Dubai. It is expected that the park will attract a group of companies adopting the latest blockchain technology and provide them with a space for collaboration and professional skills that meet global standards. According to Marjan Faledoni, senior vice president of the Dubai Expo Bureau in 2020, this cooperation will attract companies from major industries such as travel, logistics and transportation, education, construction, and business accelerators from around the world. As more innovative technologies come out, the park will have the opportunity to create digital currencies and official blockchain wallets in the future.