Yin Rongwu, Secretary General of China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association: "Structured 3D Code" Technology Injects Fresh Blood into the Internet of Things and Blockchain

According to the Workers' Daily News, on December 1, the national standard GB / T 37470-2019 "Technical Conditions for Structural Anti-Counterfeiting" was officially implemented. Yin Rongwu, secretary general of the China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association, said in an interview that the emergence of "structured three-dimensional code" technology has injected fresh blood into the Internet of Things and blockchain, providing further guarantees for the authenticity and security of data. Application prospects. Anti-counterfeiting products implementing this standard have begun to be applied in China's alcohol, food, tobacco, daily chemical, household appliances, tickets, medicine, clothing and other industries, and the market responds well.