General Office of Gansu Provincial Government: Introducing and fostering a number of service platforms in the Internet, big data, blockchain and other fields related to the construction of the Silk Road Information Port

According to Lanzhou Daily, the General Office of the Gansu Provincial Government has recently issued the "Implementation Plan for the" Five Commanding Points "of the Technology and Information Ecology of the Cultural Hub in the Integration of the" One Belt and One Road "in the New Era of Gansu" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The "Plan" pointed out that by 2020, the infrastructure energy level of the information commanding heights is beginning to take shape. The landmark project focusing on Lanzhou's 5G commercial network and Silk Road information port cloud computing and big data center clusters has been fully launched, and initially has the basic conditions for a regional information and communication node hub. Introduce and cultivate a number of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, cyberspace security companies related to the construction of the Silk Road Information Port, and initially build major integrated service platforms in areas such as business logistics, humanities exchanges, and ecological and environmental protection And provide services.