SheKnows Preview | Where is the public chain application breaking out?

From the birth of Bitcoin, to the emergence of smart contracts, to the cross-chain cross-chain, public chains have led almost every major technological innovation. The starting gun was fired at 10.24, and the crisis and opportunity coexisted. How will the public chain break through in 2020?

At 11 o'clock today (December 6), Biyuan Chain CTO James, IOST co-founder Terry, and Conflux founder Long Fan will be SheKnows, Babbitt ’s first community interactive interview column. Where does the application of the chain break? " This live broadcast of the community is hosted by Babbit Beijing station webmaster Helen. Participation method: add WeChat btczs001 or scan the QR code on the poster below and reply to "SK" to enter the group and talk to the boss face to face.