Economics Nobel Prize winner Thomas Sargent: China's central bank's blockchain technology has done a good job

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, on December 5th, at the "Southern International Finance Forum 2019", Thomas Sargent, the economic Nobel laureate, said that when it comes to blockchain, people think this is a shocking idea. However, if you start a large company, you also need to share it between different departments of the company. When we use a computer, in fact, the computer itself also shares and verifies the computer program. If you dig deeper, the idea of ​​blockchain is not as shocking as it was said at first, in fact, different companies or countries have such sharing mechanisms. Now we are facing a situation where things can be done better, more efficiently, and transactions are easier, but many countries are unwilling to do it. This is a power they control. In fact, many financial management institutions are interested in this technology. I think the technology of the People's Bank of China has done a good job and they know the blockchain better than I do. He also pointed out that digital currencies are closely related to the credit system, such as deposits or insurance, and still have some of their own deposit information and other credit information. American banks and American financial institutions are doing this. Government agencies are also studying this issue. Can we have relevant management systems and management process systems that match this technology?