Monitoring shows: Tron Lounge contract is attacked by transaction rollback

According to the monitoring of the blockchain security company PeckShield, from 00am to 03am today, hackers starting with TFNsSk address initiated transaction rollback attacks on Tron Lounge DApp contracts beginning with T3 TR2n2D through self-created contracts. 54,653 TRX. PeckShield found that the Tron Lounge contract was launched shortly on December 05, and there are still players betting on it. It is recommended that game developers fix this vulnerability as soon as possible to avoid causing greater losses. Earlier, PeckShield had disclosed a number of Troll DApp transaction rollback attacks. It is reminded that DApp developers should be alert to the continued spread of such transaction rollback attacks, filter contract players, and contact security vendors in a timely manner to avoid causing greater loss of digital assets.