"Zhejiang Shoot" applies blockchain technology to the auction of scientific and technological achievements for the first time

Source: Technology Daily

Author: Hong Hengfei newspaper reporter Jiang Yun

Editor's Note: The original title was "What Secrets of Transformation in the" Zhejiang Shooting "Hidden"

"Come and taste, this new rape variety 'Yingchun No. 1' not only can bloom three seasons a year, but also has a tasteless texture, which is very suitable for vegetable salad."

Recently, at the "Internet +" and Life and Health Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition in Zhejiang Province in 2019, a bunch of rapeseed flowers bloomed, becoming a unique scenery in winter. Researcher Zhang Dongqing, the inventor of "Yingchun No. 1", Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, talked about the next section of vegetable stems, and handed it to the reporter of Science and Technology Daily for tasting.

The reporter found that the rape variety was crispy and sweet aftertaste. Moreover, the reporter learned that this rapeseed blooms three seasons a year and has broad prospects for tourism applications.

At the 2019 Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Auction (Autumn) Comprehensive Shooting Event held simultaneously on the same day, the first new rape variety "Yingchun No. 1", which was the first auction result, won the starter with an auction price of 1.5 million yuan.

72 scientific and technological achievements, with a starting price of 823.8 million yuan and a transaction price of 10714 million yuan. In addition to the pre-heating special session, this year's "Zhejiang auction" autumn auction series has already sold 186 achievements and an amount of 2404.6 million yuan.

"Zhejiang is a small province of science and technology resources and a large market province. Since the establishment of Zhejiang's online technology market in 2002 and pioneering domestic technology transactions, Zhejiang has been committed to the construction of an achievement transfer and transformation system for many years to fully release the efficiency of science and technology resources." Zhejiang Qi Xin, director of the Achievement Transformation Department of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said.

Taobao-style autumn auctions to create a technical trading market version 3.0

"22.8 million yuan! Congratulations to bid unit 137, please ask staff to store information in the blockchain trading system." After 4 rounds of bidding, as the auctioneer dropped the hammer, the "Bid King" of the 2019 Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Autumn Auction "Born.

"The starting price is 15 million yuan, and the premium rate is 52%. The transaction of the" 3 × 100 ton / day nylon 6 polymerization project supporting MVR "project transferred by Beijing Sanlian Hongpu New Synthetic Fiber Technology Service Co., Ltd. will be completed this autumn. The filming activity has ushered in a climax, and also brought a special auction afterwards. "Said Chen Leping, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Science and Technology Market.

From late October to early December of this year, a total of 7 events were held in the 2019 Zhejiang Autumn Shooting Series, which basically achieved the "weekly shooting". The activities were rich in form and long in duration, and the combination of comprehensive shooting and special shooting constituted science and technology. "Taobao Festival" of the results auction.

The reporter noticed that the "Zhejiang Shooting" applied blockchain technology to the auction of scientific and technological achievements for the first time, auction data was generated on-site, and the transaction was stored on the chain to store certificates, ensuring greater security. At the same time, the Zhejiang Science and Technology Market will use this autumn auction to explore the use of multimedia means such as VCR shooting, inviting inventors to showcase their scientific and technological achievements, and inviting technical experts and investment experts to make wonderful comments on scientific and technological achievements.

"In this way, the scientific and technological achievements are no longer blunt words and mathematical symbols. Multiple viewpoints are displayed and collided on the spot, and the scientific and technological achievements are merged into a lively entrepreneurial and innovative behavior." Chen Leping said that the overall premium rate at the comprehensive shooting scene Basically above 40% -50%, the scope of use of this model will be expanded in the future.

Qi Xin said that in addition to the graphic and video presentations, when people shop online, the background will make recommendations for related products based on your historical purchases and browsing conditions. Zhejiang Province is preparing to build an online technology market version 3.0. This function will also be implemented.

"Zhejiang, the nationwide first to establish the Big Data Bureau, has advantages in this regard. We will work hard to open up the data resources of various channels for results trading, and give full play to the ability of big data to accurately recommend transaction users, so that online technical results trading is truly like Taobao Just as convenient and efficient. "Qi Xin said.

Multi-venture with the market, play a forward-looking role in the transformation of results

In spring of last year, in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, the Internet celebrity spot famous for the rapeseed sea, the number of tourists often reached the warning line. However, the habit of opening a rapeseed season makes many tourists unable to enjoy themselves.

The three seasons bloom, which can extend the peak tourist season, and it has 7 colors including white, purple, and yellow. The "Yingchun No. 1" fills the tourist's regret. The research and development of this new variety originated in 2016, the first agricultural science and technology achievement investment roadshow promotion conference in Zhejiang science and technology market.