Data show: Ethereum's 30-day ROI continues to decline, and the growth rate of new addresses has accelerated significantly

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on December 6, the price of Ethereum was $ 147.56 and the total market value was $ 16,082.80M. Affected by market fluctuations, the 24H Ethereum transaction volume of mainstream exchanges was about $ 84.03M, a certain increase from yesterday. ; Ethereum's exchange rate against Bitcoin shows a certain downward trend, and the market value ratio remains stable; in terms of fundamentals, the transaction volume, transaction volume, and computing power of the Ethereum chain have declined slightly, and the growth of new addresses has accelerated significantly; The 30-day developer index is approximately 2.22; the 180-day correlation between Ethereum and BTC fluctuates steadily, and the 30-day ROI continues to decline; according to six data from the TokenGazer official website, the Ethereum sentiment index moving average fluctuates slightly in the 60-70 range, gray The Ethereum trust premium continues to decline; the total market value of ERC20 tokens is approximately 64.71% of the total market value of Ethereum, which continues to decline.