SheKnows Live | James CTO, the original chain: The public chain is far from being implemented

In the morning of December 6th, in the SheKnows community live broadcast on the theme of “Getting out of the truth, where is the application of the public chain?”, Compared to the original chain CTO James said that the public chain should be far from the time of the application The public chain is technically more complicated than the alliance chain, because in an open network, there are more things to consider and more restrictions, but it also gives the public chain a true decentralized quality. The real landing of the public chain should wait for the consensus algorithm, sharding, cross-chain and other technologies to mature, and after the blockchain becomes an important technical architecture component of more companies. Most technologies of the blockchain are interlinked, so the landing of the alliance chain is actually promoting the development of the public chain. He also pointed out that due to the support of policies, we have docked a lot of new companies every week and have many new needs. How to make Bystack BaaS services well and stable, use blockchain technology to solve problems for governments and enterprises, and create actual value is the direction of our efforts in the next few years.