Monitoring shows that the EOS portion of PlusToken's running funds is being confused and transferred through the SWFT platform

According to the monitoring of the blockchain security company PeckShield, at 10:38 this morning, Jackflymooon in the key address of PlusToken Road Fund transferred a small amount of EOS to swftaccount1. The analysis of PeckShield security personnel believes that the SWFT to which the swftaccount1 account belongs is a one-stop currency cross-chain exchange platform. Yesterday, the jackflymooon account first transferred a total of 1,104 EOS to OKEx, and then transferred 100 EOS to Binance Exchange. In order to prevent blockage by the exchange, the transfer volume was small. Today, Runaway funds attempted to transfer through the SWFT platform in order to confuse funds to avoid tracking and exchange blockades. I would like to remind that users are cautiously involved in investment to avoid the loss of digital assets. At the same time, they call on major exchanges to mark their addresses and assist and freeze the inflow of dirty funds in a timely manner.