China Software Evaluation Center Wu Zhigang: Building a service-oriented government is inseparable from the orderly integration of blockchain and other technologies

According to the People's Daily News, the 2019 Digital Government Service Capability and the 18th China Government Website Performance Evaluation Results Press Conference was held today in Beijing. Wu Zhigang, deputy director of the China Software Evaluation Center, said at the meeting that a truly satisfactory A service-oriented government needs to achieve three integrations. One is to achieve the integration of all businesses, to form a family between multiple departments for business integration and coordination. The second is to technically integrate and use various related Technology, which enables 5G, Internet, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies to be integrated in an orderly manner to promote the development of content. The third is data fusion. We talk about breaking data barriers and making data for data government. For government In terms of data, it belongs to all governments.