Research shows: US 80s and 90s are using real money to invest in Bitcoin

According to the Binance Research Institute, the latest survey released by Charles Schwab, a comprehensive financial services company in the United States, shows that GRAYSCALE's Bitcoin Trust ranks fifth among the top ten securities assets held by American millennials (after 80s and 90s) , The share reached 1.84%. The most popular stocks before the Bitcoin Trust are Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Facebook. We believe that the actual penetration rate of bitcoin may be higher, excluding sample distortions, because Schwab's statistics are limited to 401K pension accounts, the types of assets that can be invested are limited, and GRAYSCALE's bitcoin trust has a high premium for a long period of time. There are Bitcoin's tools of choice. Schwab's statistics are based on 142,000 self-controlled pension investment plan accounts (Self-Directed 401 (k)), of which the millennial sample accounts for 13%. These participants currently have balances in their Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account of between $ 5,000 and $ 10 million, as of the third quarter of 2019.