Opinion: Russia's attitude towards cryptocurrencies has been very uncertain, and the situation may change

Eric Benz, CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange, said that although "Russia has positioned itself as an active supporter of blockchain technology", "regulators have different views on crypto assets." Blockchain consulting firm Enigma Securities CMO Johnathan Swerdlow said, "Russia's cryptocurrency regulatory framework has not yet been clarified. It has neither been adopted nor banned." He noted that "the Russian authorities cannot control the Domestic flows have created a negative attitude towards the use of cryptocurrencies. "
However, this situation may soon be over. Swerdlow said, "At present we may enter a gray area, but Russian lawmakers are hoping to legally implement the definition and related topics of digital assets at the level of federal legislation." The ministry proposes new cryptocurrency regulations in which crypto assets will be divided into three separate legal categories, including virtual assets, technology tokens and digital financial assets. "