Opinion: If Russia's regulations for seizing digital assets are finally implemented, it will only affect citizens who violate the law

According to media reports, Russia is planning laws and regulations that will allow the government to confiscate cryptocurrencies. The Russian Ministry of the Interior will work with several state agencies to develop a plan that may become law in 2021. Jonathan Swerdlow, a blockchain consulting firm, said that the decision behind the motion to prepare these procedures appeared to be based on "the fact that virtual assets are becoming more and more popular, and as a consequence, financial crimes using virtual assets have increased. Swerdlow added, "These seizure procedures may be difficult to implement, depending on where the user keeps funds. In the case of crypto exchanges, in theory, law enforcement agencies can theoretically issue a formal request to a representative for a freeze It's more or less clear that the funds of a particular client, or that they are transferred to a special account. "