China Banking Certification Center Zhang Xing: Introducing authoritative third-party CA institutions helps to build a trusted identity blockchain system

On December 6, the 2019 Cyberspace Trustworthy Summit was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhang Xing, deputy general manager of the China Financial Certification Center (CFCA), said that as the core technology of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) system, blockchain is used in finance, the Internet of Things, big data, commercial trade, Letter, asset management and many other fields, with a wide range of application prospects. He emphasized that in the alliance chain scenario, by introducing an authoritative third-party CA institution, it can help build a trusted identity blockchain system, which can meet the needs of business real-name authentication and prevent various risks brought by anonymous blockchains. With hidden dangers, the blockchain consensus method can also be optimized to improve operational efficiency. In the end, Zhang Xing put forward two suggestions: 1. It is necessary to take precautions to face the possible impact of quantum technology on the blockchain; 2. In the means of providing reliable data privacy protection for the blockchain, you can continue to pay attention Development progress of new technologies such as homomorphic encryption.