Kraken Business Development Director: The Ethereum community is gradually narrating the way "Ethereum is money"

According to AMBCrypto, Kraken ’s business development director Dan Held recently stated in a podcast that Bitcoin is just a new currency, and many currencies of the same type are just variants of different genetic codes. They express themselves through the characteristics of the currency. You can think of this as a Cambrian explosion, and many creatures will die. In order to survive in this new type of thriving money ecosystem, superior genetic characteristics must be possessed. In addition, Held said, those dying ideas and projects over the years reflect what doesn't work in the crypto space. Later, the host mentioned that in the past few years, the narrative of the Ethereum community has changed from "ETH is not money" to "ETH is money". In this regard, Held believes that the narrative of Ethereum is collapsing, and the community is trying to turn to a true narrative method-value storage, "this is why they do this. The original narrative is collapsing because there is nothing real behind it . This is not the reality. "