Microsoft blockchain cloud platform Azure launches non-homogeneous tokens to reward active community participants

According to Cointelegraph reported on December 5, Azure, the Microsoft blockchain cloud platform, announced the launch of "Azure Heroes" non-fungible tokens (NFT) to reward the developer community.


(Source: Pixabay )

This token is a cartoonized badger (shaped like a badge badge) designed to subsidize positive actions in the Azure community. On December 4, Microsoft announced that the supply of each puppet was limited, ranging from 100 to 10,000. Microsoft states:

Azure Heroes is designed to reward individuals for verifiable behavior in the platform, such as mentoring, creating demos, building example code, blogging about Azure, and completing certain challenges. Contributing community members will receive badges in multiple categories.

Microsoft's assets on Ethereum

Microsoft partnered with blockchain game startup Enjin to create non-homogeneous tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is minted once a quarter, publicly verified through a QR code and distributed in limited quantities. The QR code will also prompt the recipient to install a wallet.

Only after being nominated (you can nominate yourself) can you get this token. Nominees who pass the review have a verifiable impact on the community and receive a badge.

Blockchain non-homogeneous tokens attract attention

Heterogeneous tokens are the only tokens that are based on the blockchain and cannot be replaced.They are usually used in digital collectibles.

Earlier this month, game book company Fable Lands announced that it is working with Microsoft and mainstream game developer Eidos to develop a blockchain card based on the 80s best-selling game book The Way of the Tiger. game. Fabled Lands will use non-homogeneous tokens on VeChain to protect the assets and collectibles in the game.