SheKnows 丨 Xingta Technology Kong Qingyang: Blockchain is not so much a new technology as a new form of organization

At 8:00 pm on December 6th, in the community ’s first interactive interview program SheKnows under Babbitt ’s “Community, Alliance and Public Chain?”, In a community live broadcast, Kong Qingyang, director of marketing at Xita Technology, said: Rather than saying that blockchain is a new technology, it is better to say that blockchain is a new form of organization. The blockchain is actually not a brand new technology. It includes cryptography, distributed storage, consensus algorithms, etc. In fact, each technology has been around for a long time. The blockchain technology creatively combines them. Were together. In the application scenario, the blockchain solves the problem of how multiple participants of the scenario collaborate. So in this new organization method, depending on the number and breadth of participants, there must be different scenarios, and some scenarios may need to be placed in the public chain environment, such as various projects of DeFi, because it For all, participants need to collaborate globally. One scenario may be limited to a limited number of participants, such as in supply chain finance, clearing and settlement, and the circulation of points. In these application scenarios, the organization method requires the participants to be more controllable. There is no difference between good and bad because they are suitable for different scenarios.