SheKnows 丨 Bystack person in charge Ma Qianli: A master multi-sided architecture has the advantage of breaking the "impossible triangle" at the technical level

On the evening of December 6th, in the community ’s first community interactive interview column SheKnows planned, “Benefiting together, alliance chain, public chain, but the same goal?” During the live broadcast of the community, Ma Qianli, vice president of Bybit and head of Bystack was speaking When it comes to the advantages of a master multi-sided architecture, there are two advantages of a master multi-sided architecture. One is to reflect the technical level and break through the "impossible triangle" through the new architecture. The other is the application level. One main and multiple sides can make the blockchain closer to the scene. The real scene is very complicated. A large scene contains many small scenes. Each small scene has different requirements for the blockchain. At this time, The advantages of the main sidechain can be reflected, and each scenario problem can be targeted for a solution.