Learning to Power: Hainan's Blockchain Development Attracts Global Attention

Source: Learning to Power

On December 5, the Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum opened in Haikou. The forum was hosted by the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, co-organized by the South-South Cooperative Financial Center, and hosted by Hainan Ecological Software Park and Huobi China. , Is the world's first blockchain ministerial forum.

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The event not only attracted ministerial representatives, business leaders and authoritative scholars from many countries and regions, but also launched the launch of a global digital financial think tank initiative.Chinese blockchain companies have signed contracts with countries and enterprises along the Belt and Road. Important agenda.

Just the day before, another heavyweight event related to blockchain was just held in Hainan Ecological Software Park. It was initiated by the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone. The initial members came from Oxford University, MIT, The first Digital Civilization Conference of Tsinghua University and other top academic institutions at home and abroad announced that it will be held in Hainan next year; at the same time, plans such as "Chain Shanghai South" and "Chain Dubai" were also officially released.

Looking back a year ago, when the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone was established as the first officially licensed Blockchain Pilot Zone in China, the Hainan Blockchain industry was almost blank. Today, more than 100 blockchain head institutions and enterprises have been gathered in the test area, becoming one of the most concentrated areas in the domestic blockchain field, attracting policy makers, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the global blockchain field. Eyes.

The Hainan blockchain is accelerating towards a wider international stage.

Blockchain brings disruptive change

In today's world, the technological revolution and industrial change are changing with each passing day, and the booming digital economy has profoundly changed the production and lifestyle of human beings, and has a profound impact on the economic and social development of various countries, global governance systems, and the progress of human civilization.

With the development of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and 5G technology, digital technology is "permeating" into the economy, society and human life in all aspects. How to face the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of digital economy and blockchain technology, Become an important topic for discussion by representatives of the countries in the forum that day.

In the view of Cai Esheng, chairman of the South-South Cooperation Financial Center, the application of blockchain technology will bring subversive changes to human economic and social development. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of blockchain and is currently accelerating the promotion of blockchain technology and industrial revitalization. Development; and other countries are also accelerating the development of blockchain technology in order to seize the "commanding heights" of the digital economy era. "The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries have begun to deploy around blockchain, and the economy and society are accelerating digitalization. Transformation. "

During the ministerial round table of the forum, ministerial representatives from Russia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Gibraltar and other countries and regions introduced the development of digital economy and blockchain in their respective countries.

Albert Isola, Minister of Digital Financial Services of the Government of Gibraltar, said that Gibraltar began to study the digital economy and blockchain 6 years ago. Blockchain also plays an important role in the local financial market and economy. Gibraltar also specializes in Relevant laws and regulations have been established to enable blockchain and financial markets to better collaborate and provide high-quality financial services to enterprises.

"The digital economy breaks the borders between countries and can quickly open up the entire region and the global market. The deployment speed is far faster than the traditional economy." Jiang Yan, the country's representative for the Bahrain Economic Development Commission in China, said that the digital economy is promoting various segments of the economy The field has undergone tremendous changes. Bahrain is transforming from a traditional oil-producing country to a digital economy and is committed to building a huge digital ecosystem in the Middle East.

Hainan's blockchain development attracts world attention

On December 4th, the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone released the "Chain Shanghai South" plan and "Chain Six" and other special measures to support the development of the blockchain, and attracted Huobi, Amway, etc. Twelve companies participated in promoting the development and application of their scenarios. In today's forum, the booming Hainan blockchain has also attracted the interest of participants.

Saparudin, the executive governor of Bangka Province, the national special economic zone of Indonesia, said that Indonesia is also developing new technologies, including the development of new economic industries in the blockchain. "We will jointly develop with Hainan to promote the application of new technologies including blockchain."

"We hope that through the efforts of the blockchain test area, we will build a complete solution to achieve trust-based 'digital governance', and hope that this overall solution will start from Hainan, go to the whole country, and finally go to the world." Hainan Ecology Said Yang Chunzhi, general manager of the software park.

Huobi Group's founder Li Lin said in an interview that the introduction of Hainan's "Six Chains" has met the main points of the current blockchain industry. The development of the blockchain industry is primarily a technical problem, and one of the "Six Chains" It is to strengthen technical research. We must bring together technical experts and scholars from around the world to strengthen technical research.

"The" chain six "also has measures on scene construction, emphasizing the promotion of the combination of technology and scene applications. Li Lin said that blockchain is a technology that needs to rely on scene promotion, involving many aspects. It is both a technology and an operating mechanism. It also involves finance and economy. "We need not only the development of the blockchain technology itself, but also integration with the Internet of Things, 5G, etc."

Digital economy helps the “Belt and Road”

At the forum, financial institutions in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Singapore, and Huobi Group, a Chinese blockchain company, signed a letter of intent to jointly build a new generation of blockchain-based financial infrastructure.

This is an expression of confidence in the digital economy adding new momentum to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Participants at the meeting generally believed that the current digital transformation of the global economy is the general trend. Although the levels of digitization and informatization in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" are different, everyone is working hard to promote the integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy. There are many opportunities for cooperation.

"At present we are in the era of the digital economy. All parties need to cooperate and grow together." Said Farah Jaffar-Kosobbi, CEO of Labuan International Business and Finance Center, Malaysia. Malaysia has opened Asia's first digital bank. She hopes that China Blockchain companies are able to expand their business in Malaysia and jointly launch the “Belt and Road” project.

Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, and founder of the Dubai Blockchain Center, Mawan Alzaluni pointed out that blockchain companies in the UAE and China have a good basis for cooperation, and related companies on both sides have conducted two-way interactions in areas such as healthcare and fintech. Many cooperations.

"In promoting the cooperation between countries and regions along the" Belt and Road ", in addition to focusing on conventional capacity building projects, the digital economy is also a very good entry point, which can help the country's economy move towards a rapid development path. Jiang said.

"Hainan can promote the application of blockchain technology and seize the investment opportunities brought by the digital economy under the" Belt and Road ". Some participants said that Hainan is located at the key node of the" 21st Century Maritime Silk Road "and is China's connection. The important maritime passages in Southeast Asia and other places are also at the center of the Singapore-Hong Kong-Japan overseas economic belt. They have important geographical advantages. This advantage is accompanied by unlimited opportunities.