Xiao Lei: Blockchain is the next Internet dollar super system, and the only US opponent is China

Xiao Lei, a senior financial analyst, published a public account article today stating that blockchain is the next Internet + dollar super system, and that the United States only has China as its opponent. The blockchain system can carry multiple roles such as currency, law, bank, contract, settlement agency, international agreement, and so on, without worrying about the consensus and reliability of the system behind it. Although China has a highly scalable mobile payment network, the United States has gradually released Libra, an international currency based on blockchain and the US dollar issued by Facebook. The US Treasury Secretary has made it clear today that as long as it is not used to finance terrorist activities, bank secrecy and Anti-money laundering regulations, the United States will not oppose Facebook's innovative digital currency. This will make the dollar a subsystem of the blockchain, but Facebook belongs to the United States, which will also enhance the United States' competitiveness in the future world.