Chengdu Qingyang District People's Court "Qing · Yun" Smart Trial Platform Version 2.0 Adds Judicial Blockchain Certificate System

It is understood that the Qingyang District People's Court of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province applied Internet technology to financial trial practice. In September 2018, the "Qing · yun" smart trial platform version 1.0 was launched. The traditional legislation, trial, and enforcement links are on the smart trial platform. Presented in digital and modular form, the trial period has been greatly shortened, and the trial efficiency has been significantly improved. It has initially shown three major results: improving quality and efficiency, facilitating the administration of justice, and reducing the burden on judges. At present, the "Qing · Yun" intelligent review platform has been iteratively updated to version 2.0, and a judicial blockchain certificate system has been added to ensure the authenticity of electronic data to the greatest extent. At the same time, the platform also has functions such as integrated litigation and mediation, and docking execution links. Not only can it distribute financial dispute cases to various mediation organizations, but it can also synchronize all case information to the enforcement system, improving the work efficiency of the parties and judges.