Report: China's current blockchain labor force is small but growing

Forkast News pointed out in its recently published "China Blockchain Report" that China's current blockchain labor force is small but growing. The report also states that, although China is a global leader in blockchain patents, there are not enough talents and startups to develop blockchain projects. According to Forkast's research on China's LinkedIn profile, there were 5,290 blockchain developers in China in 2019, compared to just 3780 in the previous year. The report states that compared to India, the small number of developers is a product of China's relatively immature software development sector. It also cites a study conducted by Alibaba in 2017 that showed that the industry as a whole is relatively inexperienced and young: "Most Chinese (56.7%) developers have only 0-3 years of work experience. This shows that China ’s developer community is less experienced than its international counterparts (42% have 3-10 years of experience). ”The report also states that for the Chinese blockchain market to mature, it is necessary to establish a“ blockchain professional development team ".