Huangpu District and Development Zone of Guangzhou City Will Realize Deep Integration in Blockchain and Other Fields to Create an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster

On December 6, the tenth plenary session of the Huangpu District Committee of the Communist Party of China in Guangzhou and the 2019 fourth working meeting of the Party Working Committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone were held. According to the content of the conference, Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone will focus on building a coordinated development of advanced manufacturing with Baoan District on a trial and pilot basis, relying on the manufacturing industry clusters and Baoan industrial enterprises clustering advantages in the area to establish a common industry chain and risk sharing "Community on the chain" of revenue sharing, to achieve deep integration in new-generation information technology, high-end intelligent equipment, new materials, blockchain and other fields, and jointly build a world-class advanced manufacturing industry cluster.