Microsoft Li Guoping: Applying blockchain technology should think more about how to empower and talk less about subversion

According to the Economic Observation Network, Li Guoping, director of Microsoft China's financial industry, said that first, with the application of blockchain technology today, we should think more about how to empower and talk less about subversion. He believes that in the process of moving from traditional business to digital life and the digital economy, there are many pain points and shortcomings in many industry scenarios. How to make up for these problems in the existing real economy and empower existing businesses in the entire informatization process Improving efficiency and reducing costs are the most important issues to be considered in the application of blockchain; secondly, technology is good. Today's blockchain technology, artificial intelligence technology, etc., the public has poor perception. When there is poor cognition, there is room for speculation, there may be bubbles, and problems such as new technology abuse data. Therefore, when applying new technologies, it is necessary to adopt a correct attitude, awe the supervision, the customers, and the sustainable development. In this way, we can go further and be more stable. Third, from the perspective of the network effect principle, the greater the value of the network Bigger. From the earliest local area network to Ethernet to the entire connected world, the effect of the network needs to be expanded. So today we talk about public chains. Is there a standard between chains? Is there a global standard? Is there a standard in China? Can many corporate assets be linked to each other? Thinking and solving these problems will help expand the scope and value of blockchain applications.