State Street Bank: 38% of customers will invest more in digital assets by 2020

According to CoinDesk, most state-owned asset management companies under the State Street Bank are interested in digital assets such as Bitcoin, but no company currently requires State Street to store these assets. State Street Bank's managing director of digital product development and innovation, Jay Biancamano, said the company would better understand how digital asset custody will be handled in 2020. After the escrow, State Street Bank is interested in researching fund management, private placement, issuance and trading of digital assets. Despite a lack of interest in escrow solutions, State Street clients continue to invest heavily in this new asset class. A survey conducted by Oxford Economics quantitative analysis company for State Street this year shows that 94% of State Street customers hold digital assets or related products (such as bitcoin futures), and 38% said they will Increase the allocation of digital assets in 2020. 45% of respondents said their asset allocation will remain the same.