China Business Daily: The domestic blockchain patent market is still far from mature, and its value still needs market inspection

China Business Daily published a statement today that the blowout of the number of patent applications reflects the trend of increasing blockchain access, increasing investment in research and development, and gradually gathering resources. The scarcity of quantitative indicators for the evaluation of the blockchain industry has also reversed the rise in the popularity of patent applications. Under the upsurge, how to recognize the value of blockchain patents still needs to remain rational. Many industry people interviewed by the reporter tend to believe that the domestic blockchain patent market is still far from mature, and there are individual "patents for patents" phenomenon, whose value still needs market inspection. The industry standard of blockchain technology has not yet been set, which has also set some obstacles for patent examination and patent quality evaluation. The industry consensus is that domestic patents are mainly technical improvements and application innovations, and key technology basic patents and core patents are weak. But even so, in the current state of undetermined industry standards and fuzzy evaluation systems, patents are still an important weight for enterprises, especially startups, to demonstrate their business strength, obtain business opportunities, and obtain subsidy funds. The amount of licenses has not yet ushered in an outbreak period, making the "quantity competition" in the industry not strong enough, and the lack of large-scale commercialization has also prevented the gold content of currently licensed patents from being truly tested