Chongqing authorities respond to report letter: Chongqing Cangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd. has potential risks of using tokens to raise funds illegally

Recently, the "Illegal Financial Activities Clues" section of the official website of the Chongqing Municipal Local Financial Supervision Administration received a report letter entitled "Reporting Chongqing Cangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd.'s Blockchain Illegal Fund Raising". Subsequently, the official responded on the website. On October 9, 2019, the Yuzhong District Finance Office formed a joint inspection team with the District Market Supervision Bureau, the District Public Security Branch and the Petrochemical Management Committee to conduct an unannounced inspection of Chongqing Cangzhou Network Technology Company. After the on-site verification of the joint inspection team, the company developed the Quark chain letter APP by using blockchain technology. During the cooperation and drainage process with Taobao e-commerce platform and game platform providers, the Singapore Chain letter International Foundation CCT virtual currency was introduced as a reward customer. the wrist of. In the course of its external publicity and expansion of business, the company implied through different occasions that the CCT virtual currency can be traded on the quark OTC platform with which it is cooperating (the platform is registered in northern Africa, and no related relationship has been found). , And teach the method of buying and selling, its behavior has become an inducement or fact to promote CCT virtual currency transactions, and there is a potential risk of using tokens for illegal fundraising. The joint inspection team put forward four points of rectification opinions. At the same time, it issued a monitoring and supervision letter to the construction and management committee of the major petrochemical new zone of Chongqing Cangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd., requesting to strengthen the risk monitoring and key prevention of the company. Report abnormal behaviors in a timely manner, and verify the implementation of rectification in accordance with rectification requirements to ensure that no social risks are caused.