Yao Qian: Blockchain is currently the most important research hotspot, and we must be awed by currency

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 7, the "Blockchain Technology and Application" Science and Technology Frontier Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly supported by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology was held in Shenzhen. Yao Qian, general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation and former director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China, said in a speech entitled "A Thought on the Reform of the International Payment System" that encrypted digital currencies do not necessarily require the use of blockchain technology. In the 40-year history of digital currency development, Ecash like David Chaum has not used blockchain technology. He emphasized that blockchain is the most important research hotspot at the moment, and it is necessary to study it in depth, and in addition to be awed by currency. He also pointed out that in the field of international payments, we look forward to the emergence of a credible, global, inclusive payment platform that is not controlled by one party. However, the public sector has a public spirit but does not have the ability to innovate; the private sector has an innovation ability but has no public spirit. The best model is that the public and private sectors work together. Under the guidance of the public sector, some capable and qualified business organizations are allowed to explore and build a system that can benefit the general public without being controlled by one party alone. Achieving this exploration is not easy, but policy should encourage such innovation.