Wang Xiaoyun: Blockchain technology creatively solves the problem of how to reach consensus in an unlicensed environment

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 7, the "Blockchain Technology and Application" Science and Technology Frontier Forum hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly supported by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology was held in Shenzhen. Wang Xiaoyun, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and member of the International Cryptographic Association, said in a speech entitled "Hash Functions and Blockchain Technology" that passwords are the core technology and basic support for ensuring network and information security. Encryption algorithms, digital signature algorithms, and hash functions It is the three basic algorithms of cryptography, of which the hash function is the originating technology of the blockchain. She pointed out that the emergence of blockchain technology creatively solved the problem of how to reach consensus in an unlicensed environment. In terms of the security attributes of the blockchain technology, its consistency ensures that the blockchain data recorded by all users is the same; the chain growth rate ensures the stability of the growth rate of the number of blockchain blocks; the chain quality ensures the adversary generation in the blockchain The number of blocks does not exceed the tolerable ratio.