Babbitt Open Class 丨 There is no education industry, no foundation. Education without industry, no soul

On December 7, Babbitt College, in conjunction with Weizhong Bank and the FISCO BCOS open source community, held a public blockchain course on the theme of "from technology open source to industry connection". In the face of the current shortage of blockchain talents and the issues of what abilities and qualities the blockchain talents need, the guests shared.
Yin Xiaodong, COO of Chenwu Technology, believes that blockchain technology is iterating fast, and there is a large demand for talents in development engineers, token economic designers, and blockchain architects. Xu Ruochen, CEO of Yifangda, compared the current state of blockchain talents with the e-sports industry, because the two were also highly questioned in the early stages of development and were industries with a market size of 100 billion. Practitioners in the e-sports and blockchain industries have almost no background in science and are mostly self-taught. Colleges and universities are the main battleground for talent training. Xu Ruochen believes that a scientific training system for industry, university, research, and research should be established, and college students should train their thinking on industry understanding. To sum it up: there is no education industry, there is no foundation. There is no education in industry, no soul. Zhang Long, senior architect of blockchain at Weizhong Bank, believes that the blockchain is in its early stages and is changing rapidly. Practitioners need patience and the ability to think and learn. Technical personnel should cultivate a solid computer theoretical foundation, and non-technical personnel should improve their communication and collaboration capabilities and cultivate blockchain thinking.