Weizhong Bank Zhang Long: Challenges and Solutions of Blockchain

On December 7, Babbitt College, in conjunction with Weizhong Bank and the FISCO BCOS open source community, held a public blockchain course on the theme of "from technology open source to industry connection". Zhang Long, senior architect of Weizhong Bank's blockchain, pointed out that the current blockchain faces challenges such as many nodes, large amounts of data, privacy protection, and account governance. In this regard, Weizhong Bank adopts isomorphic cross-chain, multi-chain parallel capacity expansion and group mode to build a deep-level collaborative relationship of hierarchical grouping, adopts a distributed storage solution to address performance and capacity issues, and adopts a layered design and ledger encryption to solve privacy protection. In terms of governance, managers, users, and builders are separated from each other and perform their respective functions. Based on the above solutions, Weizhong Bank and Golden Chain Alliance have created FISCO BCOS, an open source blockchain underlying platform, independently developed and open sourced the middleware platform WeBASE, entity identity and trusted data exchange solution WeIdentity, and message collaboration solution WeEvent According to Zhang Long, Weizhong Bank will also release a cross-chain solution that is really available in the industry in the near future.