Which Ethereum successor is strong? ——A picture to understand the blockchain

Since 2019, the market value of the blockchain operating platform industry (according to the BICS industry classification) as a percentage of the total market value of digital tokens has continued to decrease, from 20% at the beginning of the year to about 14%.

The internal market value structure of the operating platform industry is relatively stable, and the head concentration effect is obvious. The market value of the top ten head projects in the industry increased from 83.5% at the beginning of the year to 85.7%.

In terms of TPS, Ethereum is significantly inferior to projects that adopt consensus mechanisms such as DPoS and PoB.

In terms of the number of Dapps, each platform in the first three quarters of 2019 increased to varying degrees.

In 2019, the number and proportion of active Dapps on each platform decreased significantly. The proportion of active Dapps on Ethereum dropped from 56% at the beginning of the year to 35% at the end of the third quarter. The average number of active Dapps on the five platforms of EOS, TRON, Steem, IOST and TomoChain averaged The ratio is 74%.

The number of newly added Dapps on each platform in the third quarter of 2019 generally fell sharply, and Ethereum's third quarter of 2019 decreased by 73% from the previous quarter, significantly higher than the average level of other platforms.