Cosmos successfully opened the transfer function, and IRISnet contributed to the globalization process.

At 1 am on April 23, Beijing time, Cosmos main network completed the first management upgrade of BPoS public chain under the distributed collaboration of 74 certifiers around the world, and opened the long-awaited transfer function of the community. All have opened Atom transactions. After the upgrade, Cosmos today tweeted the appreciation of IRISnet's core development team, Boundary Intelligence, to support Cosmos globalization. Since 2017, Boundary Intelligence has been the technical support and operations team of Cosmos China. It has also participated in the development of Cosmos open source code and, like Cosmos, has been supported by the Swiss Cross-Chain Foundation (ICF). As one of the current dual Hubs in the Cosmos network, IRISnet not only supports the transfer of the pass, but also supports the call of data and complex calculations, which will better promote the application of the blockchain and bring more rich application scenarios to the Cosmos network. A more diversified, decentralized and secure big chain ecosystem.