Firecoin Global Station CEO Qiye: Compared with Prime, Lite will improve the efficiency of the currency, and do not use the snapping mode

In the AMA event held on Chainnode today, Weng Xiaoqi, CEO of Firecoin Global Station, said that Prime Lite will improve the efficiency of the currency compared with the Huobi Prime, and will not bring the snap-up model, which will bring more benefits to the project party and users. Weng Xiaoqi said that it is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: 1. The project side has improved the efficiency of the currency, which is a significant beneficiary; 2. The destruction of HT makes the number of HT circulating in the market less, which helps the value of HT to increase. Great benefit to HT holders; 3. Users participating in Prime Lite subscriptions have the opportunity to grab the initial transfer token at a lower price; 4. After the official opening, the Firecoin users have more investment opportunities for quality assets.