Director of Ningxiang City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Hunan Province: Further promote the application of blockchain in manufacturing

According to the Changsha Evening News, Hu Junan, secretary of the party group and director of the Ningxiang Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said: Ningxiang City must thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of “adhering to the establishment of a manufacturing city and promoting high-quality development”. "Implement the implementation, how to do it well? I think it is six further: one is to further publicize the atmosphere of a strong adherence to the establishment of a manufacturing city; the second is to further revise and improve the incentives for the development of the manufacturing industry; The fourth is to further promote the application of the blockchain in the manufacturing industry, the fifth is to further highlight the proportion of the "four new" economies in the manufacturing industry, and the sixth is to further accelerate the goal of achieving a strong manufacturing market. "