God V responded to "the Ethereum Foundation stopped funding some teams": it was only screened out and the foundation funds were sufficient for 6 years

According to the block rhythm report, recently, the community has voiced that the Ethereum Foundation plans to stop funding most internal teams next year, so there has been speculation that the Ethereum Foundation may be underfunded. In this regard, V God himself responded in the Chinese community of Ethereum 2.0 that stopping funding is the result of screening by the foundation, and currently has sufficient funds. Earlier news, on December 6, Nina Breznik, a developer who has worked for Ethereum Remix for two years and is currently working for PlayProject, tweeted: "Some people may already know that the Ethereum Foundation plans to stop serving the majority next year. The internal team provided funding. Unfortunately, they decided to stop funding the youngest project first. So from December 1st, our funding has been stopped, and other projects' funding will be cut next year. "" This is not without money The problem is that the current annual budget of the Foundation is still 30 million US dollars, which is enough to last for 6 years, "explained God V." We recently screened out some of the teams we funded internally. This is because we do not want to fund At the same time, for the method that was previously considered to include a part of the miner's fees into the R & D fund, V God said that this solution can learn from Zcash, but it is best to conduct experiments in Layer2 to confirm whether it is feasible.