Fan Guifu, Chairman of China Banknotes Credit Card Group: Cross-border financial blockchain service platform has loaned over 66 billion yuan

Babbitt reported live on December 8th at the T-EDGE New Finance Summit 2019 and the CHAINSIGHTS Fintech and Blockchain China Summit. Fan Guifu, Chairman of China Banknotes Credit Card Group, said: "The cross-border financial blockchain service platform was launched on March 22, and as of December 5, the total amount of lending through the platform was equivalent to more than $ 9.5 billion, equivalent to more than 66 billion yuan. As an example, the export account receivables financing business requires a 1-2 day process, which can be completed within 15 minutes on the platform. In general, there are 4 results: 1. Eliminate 'asymmetry of information' and avoid 'false' Financing '; 2. Establish mutual assistance between banks to solve the problem of' repeated financing '; 3. Provide a unified national customs declaration information verification service to greatly improve financing efficiency; 4. Penetrating real-time supervision and timely introduction of policies. "Fan Guifu finally Passionately sighed that the spring of blockchain is here!