OK Jumpstart Phase II Sales Rules Announced

On April 24th, OKEx officially released the “Announcement on the Upgrade of OK Jumpstart Sales Rules”. The announcement pointed out that the second phase of OK Jumpstart sales will be divided into two rounds, the first round of sales time is 10 minutes and the excess booking limit is set. The second round of sales time is 10 minutes and there is no over-subscription limit. Anyone who subscribes before the countdown ends can be awarded. After the countdown is over, the current round of reservations will be announced and the winning link will be entered. At the same time, the booking winning factor for the second token sales will be determined by the average daily snapshot holding amount of the OKB 15 days before the reservation. The larger the winning factor, the higher the winning probability. OKEx will start a daily random snapshot from April 25th, Hong Kong time.